Church Re-opening

Plans are underway for returning to corporate worship.  HALLELUJAH TO THE LAMB!  


Soli Deo Gloria!! Even in a pandemic Jesus still saves!!!  Welcome to our new members!!!
  • Bro. Joshua Holland and his wife Rebecca - March 7, 2021


  • Bro. Lenny Thomas - involved in a major accident
  • All of us as we continue to face the effects of COVID-19.
  • Our children, teachers, faculty and staff for the new school year.  
  • Our new superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins
  • Our college students who are away from home: Shamon Holland, Elijah Coonrod, Tijuan Neal, Jamacia Neal, Alexis Pinkston, Sam McCall and first timer  Maleah McCall
Upcoming/Recovery from Surgeries, Procedures, Hospitalizations, Sickness
  • Bro. Henry Shelby - surgery
  • Bro. Lane Thomas - surgery
  • Sis. Vivian Talbert - surgery


  • October Birthdays:  Sis. Kaylen Maxberry, Sis. Theresa Oiler, Sis. Christine Richmond, Bro. Forty Jackson, Sis. Adrienne Gilbert, Sis. Anthoni Gill, Sis. Marqia Lamarr, Bro. Daniel Carpenter Jr., Sis. Veronica Williams, Sis. Daquitta Embry, Sis. Doris Wilson, Sis. Phyllistine Gant, Sis. Candace Shelby, Bro. Everett Talbert Sr., Sis. Jessica Talbert, Bro. James Perkins, 
    Bro. Zy'ir Robinson, Bro. Henry Shelby, Bro. Mark Carter Sr., Sis. Cheryl Williams


  • August 22nd - Bro. Jeff and Sis. Darcy Ellison celebrating their 1st anniversary!!!
  • September 4th - Bro. Stephon and Sis. Angel Holland celebrating their 22nd anniversary!!!