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Soli Deo Gloria!! Even in a pandemic Jesus still saves!!!  Accepted as candidates:
  • Will Perkins
  • Laila Travis
  • Jameson Travis


  • Travis family for loss of Pastor Travis' niece
  • Carter/Allen familes for loss of Sis. Lois Carter's sister
  • Gateskill/Gordon families for loss of Sis. Ann Gateskill
  • Our children, teachers, faculty and staff for a successful school year.  
  • Our college students: Savion Holland, Shamon Holland, Jamacia Neal, Alexis Pinkston, Maleah McCall and Asha Gill
  • Our military family: Sam McCall, Victor Richardson
Upcoming/Recovery from Surgery, Procedures, Hospitalization, Sickness
  • Sis. Ardis Richardson
  • Sis. Betty Johnson
  • Bro. Jeff Ellison
  • Wayne Cash (husband of Sis. LaFathia Cash)
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