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1867 - To Present

As we understand, much of the early history of this church has been taken orally from surviving members and friends. However, it is safe to say that the Church known as First Baptist Church Maddoxtown was organized about the year 1867, being birthed, as many other local Churches, from the Main Street Baptist Church. Since being properly organized and chartered, this Church has been led by 22 pastors.


Little is known about the first Church building; we have no record of its size or location. In 1926, under the leadership of the 17th pastor, Rev. J. H. Gilbert, the present building was erected. Under the leadership of Rev. W. H. Howard, the 18th pastor, the church paid its mortgage.


The basement was excavated and built under the leadership of Rev. E. H. Allen, the 19th pastor (at an approximate cost of $3000, which was paid the same day the work was accepted).  In August, 1953, property at 191 Georgetown Street was purchased, and the mortgage was burned in March, 1954. Two very successful revivals were conducted, and many exceptional accomplishments came to our community and church as a result of Rev. Allen's labors of love and interest. Many of the present senior members were baptized under his leadership. As a special notation, Rev. Allen served as moderator of the Consolidated District Baptist Association and was often sought as an evangelist for local revivals and homecomings.


Rev. J. A. Smith, the 20th pastor, led First Baptist Church Maddoxtown for 13 years until his retirement due to failing health. While serving this Church many souls were saved and several structural improvements were made as well as improvements within the work of the Church. Under Rev. Smith, Bro. Charles Walker was licensed to preach under the auspices of First Baptist Church Maddoxtown.


Our 21st Pastor, Rev. Frank S. Jackson, served as an effective spiritual leader for 11 years. Under his leadership, souls were saved, Church programs were improved, the indoor baptismal pool was constructed and a new organ was purchased. Rev. Jackson resigned in January, 1993, to pursue an advanced degree in theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the current pastor of the Central Missionary Baptist Church of Louisville, Kentucky.


After approximately 13 months of prayer and searching for a new leader, March 26, 1994, became another chapter in the life of First Baptist Church Maddoxtown when the church voted to extend the call to Lic. John C. Travis of Georgetown, Kentucky. Prior to his acceptance, Lic. Travis served as an associate minister of Zion Baptist Church, Georgetown, under Rev. H. M. Dailey. He was ordained on April 16, 1994, at the Zion Baptist Church and installed as the 22nd pastor of First Baptist Church Maddoxtown on April 24, 1994.


During his time as pastor, Rev. Travis has led the Church with much love and dedication to teaching and preaching, emphasizing studying the Word of God and strengthening our relationship with Him. As a result, growth has become evident in the lives of our members. Special focus has been directed toward educating our young people spiritually as well as academically, and involving our seniors in order to utilize the valuable knowledge and example from their lives. Rev. Travis has spearheaded many structural improvements to the Church, as well as restructured and redirected the church ministries. Most importantly, under the leadership of Rev. Travis, many have accepted Christ as their personal savior.


Rev. Travis served the Consolidated District SS & BTU Convention as Dean from 1998-2001, thus carrying the historical tradition of service by this Church within the Consolidated District. In October, 2010, Rev. Travis received his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Master's International School of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana.


The following men grew up in this community and acknowledged their call to the gospel ministry: Revs B. Johnson, John Holman, Bate Holland, Charley Payne, L. J. Johnson, R. M. Thomas, R. M. Jones, George Graves, Ben Hamilton, Leon McDowell, Jack McDowell, Joe McDowell, Oliver Gill, Brent Gordon, and Charles Walker. Following over a 20-year time span since First Baptist Church Maddoxtown had licensed the last minister, God called five more from the congregation: Emmanuel P. Young (1999) who was relicensed by Maddoxtown, Andre Johnson (2000), James H. Turley (2001), Preston W. Harris (2004) and Michael Carter (2010).


A church is a body of Christians. With Christ being the chief cornerstone, those Christians who have gone on before us laid the foundation for First Baptist Church Maddoxtown.



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