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Planning & Implementation Committee




PIC is a Church-wide committee made up of members of various ages and ministries, appointed by the Pastor.


PIC has the following main roles. These roles may be amended as deem necessary by the Pastor.

  • Take direction and suggestions from the Pastor and review procedures for implementation

  • Support the coordination and revision of church functions

  • Help in planning the spiritual development activities for the church

  • Help develop an Action Plan/procedures

  • By utilizing the resources of the Church and Action Pian, PiC is to ensure that as new programs or spiritual/professional development initiatives are offered, they mesh with the overall vision of the Church.

  • PIC ensures and maintains:

    • Consistency of implementation practices and procedural development.

    • A continuum of curricular development tied to biblical standards.

    • Spiritual growth based on researched surveys and feasibility studies.

    • Plans for improved member participation and achievement based on data. • Plans for church-wide professional development using biblical principles May be asked to do preparatory work leading up to officer decisions - such as developing policy options and recommendations for the consideration of the officers.

    • Carry out tasks on behalf of the officers in areas such as community relations.

    • co Work with the staff to implement certain operations and activities.

    • Serve as a training ground for future committee members.


This committee does not take on the duties of current officers: such as, trustees and deacons. These positions have already established job descriptions and duties to perform within the church.


For more information, contact the Committee Chair. 

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