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Transportation is currently unavailable.


Prior to any activity happening at Maddoxtown Baptist church all members will need to follow the Six-Week Plan. The plan needs to be instituted and presented to the Pastor Travis and Planning and Implementation Committee (PIC).  A Worksheet


To report a repair needed to the church building or grounds:


  1. Complete a work order request form located in the vestibule

  2. Sign and place the completed form in the location specified.  Forms that are not signed will not be considered.


The requests will be collected by the trustees and evaluated at the next scheduled meeting. The submitter will be notified of the status.

Closings, Delays or Cancellations

Closures/cancellations will be communicated in one or all of the following ways:


  1. At the top of the home page of our website.

  2. On the closing information page of our website.  Click the "Check Closings/Delays/Cancellations" button below.

  3. On Lexington TV channels 18, 27 and 36

  4. Email or text to those who have provided an email address or mobile number. If you would like to be added to the list or your information has changed, please submit a notification of change or provide your current name, email address, and cell phone number to Sis. Rhonda Turley or Sis. Mary Talbert


First Baptist Church Maddoxtown has established a scholarship program for graduating high school students planning to attend an accredited institution of higher learning upon graduation in pursuit of a degree.  



  • To promote continuing education of the graduating youth at First Baptist Church Maddoxtown

  • To show church and spiritual support for the youth of First Baptist Church Mad- doxtown

  • To provide encouragement to all First Baptist Church Maddoxtown youth to pursue and complete their education both spiritually and academically.


All eligible students who want to apply must download, complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form  according to the specified criteria.



The death of a loved one is an emotional time for any family.  Part of the challenge is knowing what to do next and how to plan.  Our Funeral Planning Form provides information to help guide the bereaved family through the process.  Important to understand also is the First Baptist Maddoxtown Cemetery Policy.


The wedding ceremony is one of the most sacred rites of the church. It is the desire of our Pastor and church family to make every ceremony a beautiful and worshipful experience. 

See our Information and Policy Guidelines for Weddings and use the Facility Use Request Form to plan your event.



For the privacy and safety of our members, First Baptist Church Maddoxtown requires permission for our children to participate in some events.  When necessary, please use the Minor Child Registration Form to allow your child to participate.

For the privacy of our members, pictures or videos taken at any event or service sponsored by First Baptist Church Maddoxtown, whether at the church or any other location, may be displayed on our bulletin boards, in publications, or on social media sites, such as our church website or Facebook page. If you do not want images of yourself displayed on any media site, you must notify us in writing prior to the event.

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