Re-open Date: To be determined

Current plans for returning to service

Attending Service:

  • To enter, it will be necessary for you to have documentation on file with church officers indicating your completed vaccine card. We are again thinking of our seniors and those of us with medical conditions. You can bring a copy when you drop off your tithes and offerings. You can email or send a copy of your vaccine card to any of the following people (Dwayne Holland, Mary Talbert, or Billie Travis). We do not need to copy or keep your card, we just need to see it, then have you sign the form for the church records. 

  • When we set a date for returning, we will have a registration format for all members. We are researching this format now. This format will probably be by email. We are working on ways to accommodate those who are not comfortable with the technology. All of this information will be communicated to you when we have the process finalized. In order to be fair to all we will limit each member's attendance to two Sundays a month, and this will not be consecutive Sundays. For example, you may register for the 1st and 3rd Sunday or 2 and 4th, or the 1st and 4th may be more beneficial for you. This will be outlined in the format when we send out the registration information. 

  • Bro. Jetoh is working on implementing a small choir for our worship music when we return to service. This will be worked out by Bro. Jetoh, and will be limited to 6 choir members who will be singing per Sunday. These choir members will be included in the numbers per Sunday and must register for their assigned Sunday. They will sit in the front two pews by Bro. Jetoh. 

  • Trays for offerings will not be passed during service. Offerings will be placed in the collection box upon entry into the sanctuary or when leaving. As your offering is placed, we ask that you take a blank envelope to be used for your next visit.  As an added measure of safety, we also ask that you not lick the envelope closed prior to placing it in the collection box. An officer will be seated in the back to collect your tithes and offerings. 

  • Once service is over the ushers will dismiss us row by row starting from the back to the front. We cannot congregate inside the church, we must leave the sanctuary immediately to allow our Officers to clean the sanctuary and bathrooms. 


CDC rules that we will follow are: 

  • We all must wear a mask at all times. 

  • Temperatures will be checked by the ushers as you enter, if you have a temperature of 100.4 or greater you must leave. 

  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID19 or have any symptoms, please do not come. 

  • We must sit 3 feet apart from anyone not in our household. Ushers will seat you, from front to back, in the order we arrive at church. 

  • Skipping pews will not be necessary because we will be wearing a mask.

  • We will be limited to the sanctuary and restroom areas only. We will not be using the basement. 

  • We will enter and exit through our front doors only. The back or basement door will not be opened for normal use, but will be used only in case of emergency. 

Additional Information:

  • We will continue on Facebook live for those who cannot attend or choose not to attend. Since we will continue to have live services we will have to limit other conversations during that time as well because it will be picked up by the microphones. We will probably follow a similar format like what we are doing now. Please be aware that you will possibly be “seen” on Facebook. Remember we will not use your image for anything, you just may be seen. 


Thank you for your patience as we work to get this re-entry process finalized.  Please continue to pray for our church.