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The Issachar Factor (TIF) are working members of the church, which is a local gathering of “baptized believers in Christ Jesus” established to bring glory to Him by serving as good stewards of the church under the direction of our Lord Jesus Christ.​

  • Established to promote and create an atmosphere for worship and the “making of disciples” who will in turn make disciples.

  • To be the eyes, ears, arms and legs of the local church.

  • To teach and model by example true christian character, values and integrity through the study of the word of God that He (God) might receive the glory and praise.​


TIF is responsible for the children, youth, teens and seniors (individuals over 65 years young). Throughout the year, TIF coordinates activities for the children and youth (anyone under 18 years of age). Two of note are the Resurrection Egg Hunt, held the Saturday before Resurrection Sunday and Neewollah, held the same date and time as the secular Halloween. TIF also plans the annual Senior Day held each 3rd Sunday in September.  This celebration recognizes our senior citizens



Any member of First Baptist Maddoxtown between the ages of 18 and 36 is welcomed and encouraged to participate. TIF is not a separate group of the church. Deacons, trustees, church officers, ushers, choir members, licensees and others are also TIF participants.


All TIF functions and other functions coordinated by TIF are to be scripturally based.  


Becoming Involved​


To become involved with the TIF ministry, contact the TIF President

1 Chronicles 12:32


The Issachar Factor: Welcome
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